Relevant or Helpful Links

Sibling Abuse/Child Abuse:

  • A blog of sibling abuse stories and information that seriously needs more stories and traffic.
  • Information and support forums for those whose loved ones have personality disorders. Where I first wrote publicly about my issues!
  • A sibling abuse site, run by a lovely woman who wrote a book called Girl in the Water, detailing her own abuse, which was much more horrific than mine.
  • An article on child abuse and neglect that brings up some important facts. Without things like this, I never would have realized I was abused.



  • A self-test to determine if you might have depression. Without this, I would never have been clued in!


  • hopeinhealing: A WordPress blog I was kindly provided the link to.

Mainly for Mormons (though feel free to check ’em out):

Any links I’m missing that are must-haves? Drop me a comment, please!


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