About Me

“I’m a writer, not a talker.”

Egocentrism at its best–now with lots of good morals for the kiddies!

You can call me Mac. My name is actually Kayla, but I just like Mac better. I’m the twenty-something depressed daughter of a hoarder, and little sister of an abuser, as well as being a proud tomboy (suffering from effemiphobia) and Mormon. I very strongly disapprove of modern feminism, though I will always be a bit of a feminist, myself. I enjoy writing, reading, anything to do with horror, and dwelling on the darker side of life.

This blog is for me, and not much of a service to the public. I’m pulling myself together in my little corner of the world, protected by the thin shield of my relative anonymity. Voicing my views where I feel safe, and can’t be judged by friends and family. I’m also writing about my experiences so others can learn from my mistakes. But though I relish the tragedy of me, it’s not all dark and gloomy. I didn’t work so hard on my half-witted sense of humor for nothing.

So, a few facts about me:

First of all, I was abused up until I was nineteen, mostly emotionally at the hands of my older sister. But another element of it, in a more benign way, has always been Mommy the Hoarder.

As a girl and tomboy, I have in the past identified myself as a feminist, but thoroughly disapprove of degrading and abusing men (not to mention this delusional crap about the patriarchy), so I’m searching for a new term. (Equalism, perhaps? Egalitarianism?)

I lost one of my best friends to alcoholism and suicide.

I am certified by the Boy Scouts of America as a COPE director. Which means I can run obstacle and ropes courses. Including ziplines.

And I’m a Mormon. Born and raised.

  •  I have no problems with different religions, and I would never try to shove my religion down anyone’s throat.
  •  I don’t hate homosexuals, though I do disapprove of homosexuality itself. I support gay rights.
  •  I swear, though I believe it should be used sparingly–for emphasis.
  •  I have more I want to do in life than get married and have kids. Though that may be nice one day. And I don’t think I could ever be a stay-at-home mom.
  • I drink caffeine, which I am allowed to do. I have a coffee addiction, which I’m not supposed to.

I am also a book lover and one of those people who fancies myself a writer, though the farthest my publishing has gone has been my high school literary magazine. I am a proud (though conservative) member of many fandoms. I have a cat that I adore, and am a horror addict who’s worked as an actor in a haunted house for five years.

I like it when people take the time to say something to me, too. Whether it be criticism, curses, or a simple hi, feel free to comment if you can take the time out of your busy day. It’s all good.


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