Oh look! Controversy!

The latest installment of the popular children’s series The Heroes of Olympus (sequel to the Percy Jackson series) recently arrived. The House of Hades. And everywhere, fans delighted at this, the end to their suffering. At last, we would know what happened after one of the most evil cliffhangers ever!

But oh no! A controversy! And gasps of shock and horror shook the fandom to the core!

On the day the long-awaited book came out, I was lucky enough to not have work. So, I got to go to my local Walmart and buy it, along with the usual assortment of groceries. Even better, I got to read it while my best friend, who introduced me to the series, watched in envy. That’s what she gets for being a poor college student, I guess. I can’t help it that I’m a very vocal reader.

Anyway, thanks to my fortune, I was able to finish the book by three the next morning. And when I woke up, before going back to work, I looked on the Internet to see the reactions to the big anvil of the book—a guy with a crush on another guy. Most of them were the usual you get out of fandoms—giving the character big hugs, much sympathy, and fan works. And then there were the other ones. The ones who only had things to say along the lines of, “thanks for ruining my childhood.”

And that, ladies and gents, was just sad.

Just like Harry Potter, the Percy Jackson books (all nine of them), are coming-of-age stories. There are things in Deathly Hallows that I never would have wanted to read when I started the series when I was nine years old. When J.K. Rowling started dropping a curse here and there and including alcoholic beverages, nobody got their panties in a twist about that.

And then, you know, there’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians. A series about the Greek gods. Anyone who knows anything about Greek mythology should realized that it’s rank with homosexuality. If you wanted to read a series about them, you should have been forewarned.

Besides, I don’t think it’s right, pretending that kids live in this little bubble where gay doesn’t exist. In fact, it’s stupid. Welcome to the world.

Homophobia is disgusting. I don’t care.

And can’t we all just get along?

PS: The book’s totally awesome. I am left in dire, desolate jealousy of Riordan’s ability to balance so many characters and make them all feel so real and distinct.


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