Guys and. . .

The big mystery: the feminine equivalent of “guy.” The common word for a male of any age. The male species as a whole. But what’s the female equivalent?

  1. Girls: Used to refer to young females. The opposite of boys.
  2. Women: Used to refer to fully grown females. Opposite of men.
  3. Ladies: A more old-fashioned term for the feminine species as a whole. Opposite of gentlemen.
  4. Gals: This one has a better case for it, as there is no immediate masculine opposite. In fact, some consider this to be the answer to the age-old question. However, I, personally, think it sounds stupid. Has a sort of hick feel to it.
  5. Chicks: My personal favorite. I, myself, refer to other females this way. The masculine opposite may be something equally laid back like dudes, but that’s okay.

So, when I refer to males as guys, I will consider the female equivalent to be chicks. This is my personal preference, and in no way means that my choice is right for everyone. You can sound like a hick if you want to, if that’s your style. But not me. I have my answer to the age-old question.


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