I took ballet and tap lessons for ten years, and ballroom dance for one and a half. I’m nowhere near the best out there, but, generally, I can dance.

You know what’s really sad, though? The people who say they can’t—who won’t even try.

Let me tell you something. Something important. The most well-kept secret of dancers, which I can be killed for telling you. Dancing isn’t about memorizing fancy steps and performing them in complicated combinations. It’s about attitude. It’s acting without words. That’s all.

If you don’t know the steps, you fake it, but you fake it good. Not looking at your feet, and with a confident smile (not the grimace-like grin so many dance teachers are fond of) on your face. Act like you know what you’re doing. Dazzle them with your bullshit, to be blunt.

Beyond that, remember the tone of the dance. The mood. Waltz, for instance, is sweet and romantic. Tango is sexy. Cha cha is flirty. Swing is fun. Set your mood to the music, and don’t be forcing a smile during a tragic song, because it looks stupid and trashy.

Act confident, and remember the mood. Fake it with style.

Audiences love that crap.


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