Dear Women

If you want a guy to treat you like a queen, why don’t you stop treating him like your slave? Your enemy? Your potential rapist/abuser?

Women are not superior to men. They are not inferior to men. Nor do they need to be the precious little porcelain dolls for a man to protect. We’re equals.

If a guy isn’t allowed to hit you or yell at you, why are you allowed to do it to him? If you can say no, he can too. If you want to be strong and take care of yourself, don’t expect him to always protect you.

If you want him to understand you, why don’t you try understanding him first? If you want respect, try giving it.

And furthermore, ladies, stop wasting your time being “in love” with fictional characters and then complain about being single. Please. It’s just embarrassing.

(I recognize that all women aren’t like this just as I, myself, am not.)


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